About: Home again


When we arrived home to the Salish Sea in 2011 after three years sailing through Asia, we were a bit lost. The adventures, the tropical sunsets and the powdery sands were behind us…  What now?

A wonderful thing about sailing foreign waters is the friendships you make, in cluttered marinas or anchored off lonely islands. Not long after coming home, we began receiving emails from cruising friends, asking essentially the same question: “So if we sail up Juan de Fuca Strait, what will we find?”

Attempts to answer the queries led to our decision to build a guide or two and offer them as free downloads to anyone with a yen to explore this part of the world. It was fun, and if an advertiser wanted to jump on board, that might help pay the bills.

But the project soon took over our lives, becoming a full-time obsession. Many months were spent at sea doing research and many more ashore building the guides. With a twisted brow, our banker asked: “What part of ‘unsustainable’ don’t you understand?”

So with input from many of the cruisers who downloaded the “beta” versions more than 17,000 times, we completely upgraded the guides, redrawing most of the map illustrations and adding many new details.  Free became “almost free”.

And they are ad-free as well, if you don’t count our complimentary promotion of some amazing Salish Sea artists. The guides will continue to be constantly updated.

We’d like to ask for a little help. We’ve worked hard on these guides, and would be grateful if folks didn’t distribute copies. Thanks for your support.

Fair winds and keep safe, Jim & Lynne