MARINE features


All’s quiet in Filucy Bay

One of the most attractive things about Filucy Bay in southern Puget Sound is that there is not really much to do other than enjoy the surroundings.

Blackberry Pie 0

Maddie’s Blackberry Pie

Maybe the coincidence is luck, perhaps divine providence, but the summer collision of the cruising and blackberry high seasons offers boaters both wonderful desserts and prickly walks in the woods.

Cruising Cajun 0

Cruising Cajun

This is one condiment that has earned a hallowed spot in our galley and we think deserves a high rank among our boatie recipes.


Island of pirate raccoons

James Island is a lovely marine park with gorgeous views and activities for the whole family. It also has smart, aggressive raccoons that will board your boat and make themselves dinner.


Cutts Island memories

Cutts Island evokes memories of deserted tropical isles and summertime beach parties. This lovely little Carr Inlet islet offers all those things and more.