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Skookumchuck Narrows 0

Best kept Secret Bay

Secret Bay, in Skookumchuck Narrows, is worth returning to again and again, but it might be a good idea to keep that to ourselves.

Stillness in Ballet Bay 0

Reminiscence in Ballet Bay

A snug anchorage off Blind Bay on the Sunshine Coast, Ballet Bay is a wonderful spot to take stock of past endeavours and renew old friendships.

Salish Sea Small Boat Rendezvous 0

The purity of small

The Salish Sea Small Boat Rendezvous this weekend at Sucia Island will welcome lovers of diminutive craft, though one wonders what they will talk about without the usual list of costly, broken gear aboard.

The Cut 0

The accidental anchorage

No matter your ultimate destination in the Gulf Islands and beyond, Clam Bay is a comfy and convenient place to drop a hook. Seems to be our most frequent anchorage, though we rarely push off with the intention of arriving here.

Race to Alaska 0

R2AK: Race to the future

The technology that harnesses human power in the Race to Alaska might be the same technology that someday brings human power to light, efficient cruising craft on the Salish Sea.

dragon2 0

Cruisers, get out of the way!

Dragon boat racers, cruisers and charter operators don’t have to fight over marine territory in False Creek. The anchorage can be far more efficient and accommodate many more vessels through the use of mooring buoys and shore rings.

English Camp 0

Marking time in Garrison Bay

Whether a history buff, or the sort of cruiser in search of a sheltered anchorage with a lovely park ashore, Garrision Bay in the San Juan Islands does more than hold its own.

From the beach at Watmough Bay 0

Wonder of Watmough Bay

The spectacular views, ambling trails and lovely beach make Watmough Bay in the southeast corner of Lopez Island a cherished and beautiful anchorage.

Washington tidelands 4

Forbidden shores

It’s not before a judge at the moment, but it is possible that public access to tidelands in Washington, privately owned or not, is but a court decision away.