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Pirates Lasagna 1

Lasagna for scallywags

Pirate’s Lasagna foregoes much of the tedium of typical lasagna, making it the perfect dish for cooks who want the crew to think they’ve been slaving away. It’s also delicious.

halfmoon1 0

Hard times in Halfmoon Bay

There is decent protection from southeasterly winds in the northeast corner of Halfmoon Bay, but don’t put the safety of yourself or your boat in the hands of electronic charts as we foolishly did.

newcastle6 0

Treasures of Newcastle Island

Newcastle Island is could never be described as remote, but feels like it is a world away from the nearby City of Nanaimo. Fun and comforted are probably better words of description.

Gillies Bay at low tide 0

Texada Island for arty sorts

Hulking Texada Island dominates Georgia Strait off the Sunshine Coast. It has few residents, and fewer visitors, and an undeserved reputation for odd characters. It also might have the highest per capital population of artists in the nation. Take a tour.

francis1 0

Fragility of Francis Point

Francis Point, on the fringe of Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast, is delicate. Human footsteps act like battering rams on the ecology of this tiny, undeveloped provincial park.

Skookumchuck Narrows 0

Best kept Secret Bay

Secret Bay, in Skookumchuck Narrows, is worth returning to again and again, but it might be a good idea to keep that to ourselves.

Stillness in Ballet Bay 0

Reminiscence in Ballet Bay

A snug anchorage off Blind Bay on the Sunshine Coast, Ballet Bay is a wonderful spot to take stock of past endeavours and renew old friendships.

Salish Sea Small Boat Rendezvous 0

The purity of small

The Salish Sea Small Boat Rendezvous this weekend at Sucia Island will welcome lovers of diminutive craft, though one wonders what they will talk about without the usual list of costly, broken gear aboard.

The Cut 0

The accidental anchorage

No matter your ultimate destination in the Gulf Islands and beyond, Clam Bay is a comfy and convenient place to drop a hook. Seems to be our most frequent anchorage, though we rarely push off with the intention of arriving here.