marine features

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Blind Bay comes into view

Blind Bay’s excellent shelter and anchoring depths at a crossroads in the San Juan Islands make it the perfect place to rendezvous with friends who love the taste of fresh crab.

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Sheltering in Quarantine Cove

If you are determined to anchor near Victoria, Quarantine Cove is a fine choice if the westerlies promise to be nasty. It’s also a nice place if you have to do time.

Pirates Lasagna 1

Lasagna for scallywags

Pirate’s Lasagna foregoes much of the tedium of typical lasagna, making it the perfect dish for cooks who want the crew to think they’ve been slaving away. It’s also delicious.

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Treasures of Newcastle Island

Newcastle Island is could never be described as remote, but feels like it is a world away from the nearby City of Nanaimo. Fun and comforted are probably better words of description.

Salish Sea Small Boat Rendezvous 0

The purity of small

The Salish Sea Small Boat Rendezvous this weekend at Sucia Island will welcome lovers of diminutive craft, though one wonders what they will talk about without the usual list of costly, broken gear aboard.