Salish Sea Pilot Premium Edition 2.0

Salish Sea Pilot has introduced a completely redesigned and updated package of cruising guides in 2018, rebuilt from the ground up to work seamlessly on your iPad or Android tablet, as well as on your laptop or desktop computer and widescreen smartphone.

Our five guides cover the Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast and Desolation Sound in British Columbia and the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound in Washington state with hundreds of illustrations that detail anchorages, marinas and marine parks.

We go where you go

Put our interactive e-books on all your devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones. They can be in your pocket, on your chart table, in your office or at home.

Going horizontal!

Due to popular demand, we’ve changed our screen orientation! We flipped the pages so they are now horizontal. Not only do the pages display much better on tablets and other mobile devices but they also fit laptop screens like a glove.

We’re visual

The hundreds of illustrations speak for themselves. We keep our writeups brief: just the facts. You won’t get lost in text.

We fly solo

You don’t need cell or WiFi connections. Once downloaded to your device, the guides are self-sufficent.

We’re almost free

Paper is heavy. Printing expensive. We’re different — fast, light and inexpensive.
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Our magnificent obsession

The Salish Sea is a remarkably beautiful place, with mountainous shorelines, spectacular sunsets, growling sea lions and surfacing whales. There are few other places in the world so precious and so close to civilization.

When Lynne and I sailed home from Southeast Asia in 2012, we set out to build ebook cruising guides to tell people about the Salish Sea we loved. Starting with guides to the Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands, we added new guides to cover Desolation Sound, the Sunshine Coast and Puget Sound.

As we grew, the guides became our obsession. We expanded coverage and the upgraded the interactive performance of our ebooks. We went from early beta editions which were free and downloaded more than 17,000 times. Then were introduced annual editions for a few more years.

Now, in 2018, we are proud to introduce Salish Sea Pilot 2.0, a giant leap forward for us.

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What’s in a name?

The Salish Sea covers 18,000 sq-km or 6,900 sq-miles, stretching from the islands and channels north of Desolation Sound and down Georgia Strait to the southern reaches of Puget Sound and west to the mouth of Juan de Fuca Strait, including the inland waters of southern British Columbia and northern Washington State.

The Salish Sea was proposed in 1988 by marine biologist Bert Webber as a way to recognize the commonality of water, air, wildlife and history on both sides of the border. By early 2010, the state and provincial governments had officially adopted the name.

The name (SAY-lish) pays tribute to the Coast Salish people who have inhabited the area since long before European explorers arrived. It complements, rather than replaces, any existing names.
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