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Apple mobile devices

First, if you do not have a PDF reader on your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, download the mobile version of Adobe Reader.

iPhone and iPod Touch

Contrary to how it might seem at first, you do not have to use iTunes to download files to an Apple device. A common backdoor to bypass iTunes is to use email. Download a Salish Sea Pilot guide to a laptop or desktop computer. Send an email with the guide attached to the address accessed by the “Mail” app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The PDF file will be accessible as long as the email is not deleted.

However, if you don’t want to repeatedly mess with your Mail app, and want to ensure you can access the guide when outside cell or wifi range, the best solution is to store the file in Apple’s iBooks app instead.

Using iBooks:

► If not already installed, download iBooks from the App Store with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

► Tap “iBooks” in the “Results” menu. On the next screen, tap the “Free” button. Tap the “Install” button. Enter your iTunes account information when directed.

► Connect the iPhone/iPod to your computer. Select the phone from “Devices” in iTunes.

► Select “File > Add to Library” from the iTunes menu bar. Locate and select the guide. Select the “Books” section of your library and drag the guide from here to the icon for your iPhone/iPod under “Devices.” The guide will be added to your iBooks library. Disconnect the device from your computer.

► Tap the “iBooks” app on your iPhone/iPod and locate the Salish Sea Pilot guide on the virtual bookshelf that appears. Tap it to view it.

► It will remain there until deleted. It will be available for use when out of cell or wifi range.


► Download and install iBooks if it is not already on your device.

► Email the guide to yourself as an attachment.

► Open the email on the iPad. Tap on the attachment and the guide will open a preview in email.

► In the upper righthand corner, click on “Open in…” and select “iBooks”. It will import the file into a parallel “PDF” directory of iBooks.

► Unless deleted, it will always be readily accessible in iBooks.


Android devices

There was a time not so long ago when it was difficult to find a free PDF reader for Android that seamlessly supported interactive content such as document hyperlinks.

Those days seem to be over. Though we haven’t tested it on all devices, the popular Adobe Reader for Android seems to work fine with interactive content, and so do many other free and low-cost PDF viewers.

Once the reader is installed on your tablet or phone:

► Transfer the Salish Sea Pilot guide file to your Android phone or tablet, either by emailing it to yourself, downloading from an Internet source or connecting your phone/tablet to your computer by the USB cable supplied by the phone manufacturer.

► When connected by USB cable, swipe down from the top of the phone screen to access the USB connection. Select “change connection type”. Select “Disk drive” and tap “Done”.

► A “Removeable drive” window will open on your computer screen. Select “Open folder to view files”. Transfer the guide file into this folder.

► Unless deleted, it will remain accessible in that folder, and will work outside cell or WiFi range.

Macintosh computers do not natively support the MTP protocol used by the Android USB cable. If you have a Macintosh computer and an Android mobile device, you must download and install the Android File Transfer application to your Mac. Double-click to open the application, then connect your Android phone or tablet to your Mac by USB cable. A window opens, displaying the contents of your mobile device. Drag files to or from the window and other Finder windows.