Category: Gulf Islands

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The restoration of Tod Inlet

Lovely Tod Inlet undergoes an environmental facelift to remove industrial pollutants and repair the natural habitat and make the anchorage safer for boaters.

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Cult of Pirates Cove

Pirates Cove was a haunt for the notorious Brother XII, a cult leader with thousands of followers seeking spiritual enlightenment. Today, the cove has a cultish following among family cruisers.


Sheltering in Quarantine Cove

If you are determined to anchor near Victoria, Quarantine Cove is a fine choice if the westerlies promise to be nasty. It’s also a nice place if you have to do time.


Treasures of Newcastle Island

Newcastle Island is could never be described as remote, but feels like it is a world away from the nearby City of Nanaimo. Fun and comforted are probably better words of description.


Winter Cove’s famed barbecue

The Canada Day lamb barbecue at Saturna Island’s Winter Cove has been an annual event for 67 years and is important year-round to finance community services on the island.

The Cut 0

The accidental anchorage

No matter your ultimate destination in the Gulf Islands and beyond, Clam Bay is a comfy and convenient place to drop a hook. Seems to be our most frequent anchorage, though we rarely push off with the intention of arriving here.

Boat Pass at slack water. 1

Wiles of Winter Cove

Winter Cove has become madly popular with cruisers and is the site of a Canada Day (July 1) barbecue that grows in fame with each passing year. Just pay attention to obstacles which can take the shine off your arrival.