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Winter of discontent

Staying warm and dry was a bit of a challenge for many liveaboards this winter, the coldest, wettest and whitest we have seen on the Salish Sea for some years.


Why cruise the Salish Sea?

Everyone is different, as are the reasons they go to sea and what they do when they are out there. This is our list of the 10 best reasons to cruise the Salish Sea.

The beautiful Salish Sea 0

What is the Salish Sea?

Everyone knows the Salish Sea, and mariners we have talked to love the name and the concept. However, there seems to be some confusion about the waters it includes.


2017 guides now online

We have released updated 2017 editions of our five cruising guides, just in time for the big Boat Shows and just in time to offer them to boaters for a special Boat Show price. And the video is free!


Good anchors complicate your life

Our new-fangled “modern” hook seems to dig in quickly and securely regardless of the anchorage’s reputation for holding. That’s the problem.


Buy 2016 guides, get 2017 free

Taking the “seasonal” out of their business, Jim and Lynne are offering to replace any 2016 guide sold after Oct 1 with a completely refreshed 2017 guide when they are released early next year.

Race to Alaska 0

R2AK: Race to the future

The technology that harnesses human power in the Race to Alaska might be the same technology that someday brings human power to light, efficient cruising craft on the Salish Sea.

Washington tidelands 4

Forbidden shores

It’s not before a judge at the moment, but it is possible that public access to tidelands in Washington, privately owned or not, is but a court decision away.