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Swarm of sea lions

A commercial fisherman in British Columbia captured footage of incredible numbers of sea lions that effectively prevented him from fishing. Source: Nightmarish swarm of sea lions engulfs fisherman’s boat |

Salish Eagle 0

Ferry now bluewater veteran

The Salish Eagle, one of three new BC Ferries’ Salish Class vessels to be built in Poland, arrived at Victoria’s Ogden Point this week ahead of schedule after a 10,440-nautical-mile, 38-day journey via Panama....


Orcas more fun than traffic jams

od of orcas is caught on video swimming in Puget Sound near Kingston by a KIRO 7 news helicopter yesterday. Not earth-shattering news, but they are always fun to watch.


Opinion: Trump’s budget

This is no time to retreat from our shared responsibility to invest in the health of this national treasure. Source: Trump’s budget would wreak havoc on Puget Sound restoration | The Seattle Times


Trump cuts spur warning

ashington State officials, environmental advocates and others are warning of dire environmental and economic consequences if President Donald Trump’s cuts to Puget Sound and other environmental programs go through as proposed. Source: Environmentalists warn...


Winter of discontent

Staying warm and dry was a bit of a challenge for many liveaboards this winter, the coldest, wettest and whitest we have seen on the Salish Sea for some years.


Derelict vessel sinks in Oak Bay

he Salla Rose sits ensconced in as second round of absorbent oil booms after sinking in Oak Bay on Monday. “With Coast Guard Environmental response we swapped out the saturated absorbent oil booms with...


Why cruise the Salish Sea?

Everyone is different, as are the reasons they go to sea and what they do when they are out there. This is our list of the 10 best reasons to cruise the Salish Sea.

The beautiful Salish Sea 0

Where in the world are we?

Everyone knows the Salish Sea, and mariners we have talked to love the name and the concept. However, there seems to be some confusion about the waters it includes.


50,000 newborns

kay, maybe this is not news, the video taken a few years ago. But, news is relative, and we had never seen it before. We came upon this video of a Giant Pacific Octopus...