Author: Lynne


Beans are for lovers

Okay, we admit our blogging shortcomings. We have been otherwise detained. To make up for it, how about world peace? Or at least a recipe that could lead to world peace.

Pirates Lasagna 1

Lasagna for scallywags

Pirate’s Lasagna foregoes much of the tedium of typical lasagna, making it the perfect dish for cooks who want the crew to think they’ve been slaving away. It’s also delicious.

mmmmm 0

The Riverboat Pasta way

Riverboat Pasta is not a recipe, but a procedure for cooking noodles that is intended to save bother and fuel on small vessels with limited galley space. Works like a charm.


Baking up a storm

As long as you are not adverse to “doughnutty shapes”, stovetop Omnia ovens will bake splendid breads, cakes, casseroles, lasagna… the list goes on and on.


Our famous bread

This is an amazing no-knead bread recipe. Simple. Delicious. Foolproof. It was a closely guarded secret, till a few days ago when we shared it with our mailing list.