Author: Jim Burgoyne


Crabs dress to the nines

he Marine Detective, Jackie Hildering, has posted a cool photo collection of Decorator Crabs on her blog. The photos, collected over years diving the waters of the northeast Pacific, provide a window into the...


Massive Marine Garage Sale

oaters on southern Vancouver Island will be heading to Ogden Point on Saturday (April 22) for the 14th annual Massive Marine Garage Sale at Victoria’s Ogden Point. Salish Sea Pilot will also be there...


Cutts Island memories

Cutts Island evokes memories of deserted tropical isles and summertime beach parties. This lovely little Carr Inlet islet offers all those things and more.


Transiting Seymour Narrows

On that day in 1958 it was the largest non-nuclear man-made explosion in history and it tamed the twin peaks of Ripple Rock. The maritime hazard had taken a high toll on shipping and claimed many lives. The rapids at flow are still a handful for any vessel.


‘Acoustic hell’ for orcas

n expert on how boat noise affects whales shows off his new computer animation in Seattle. It shows what he calls “acoustic hell” for orcas. Dr. Chris Clark, a bioacoustic engineer at Cornell University, has...

Butchart Cove 0

The restoration of Tod Inlet

Lovely Tod Inlet undergoes an environmental facelift to remove industrial pollutants and repair the natural habitat and make the anchorage safer for boaters.

South from Eastsound 0

Eastsound feels bigger than it is

Sitting on the brink of solitude, the community of Eastsound at the head of East Sound which slices Orcas Island virtually in half, has a Gotham feel. Though perhaps we have just been on the boat too long.